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Invention Convention

We have spoken as a class about Inventions today and I’ve tried to give the children a few more ideas for their Invention Convention challenge.

Please find the original information here: Invention Convention challenge

Where possible, it would be great for the children to make a model of their invention. However, where that’s not possible, a labelled diagram/explanation would suffice.

The children will need to bring their inventions in by Thursday 22nd March and parents will have an opportunity to come and see them on the Thursday afternoon and then Friday morning (more details to follow).

I hope that helps – please let me know if you have individual concerns.

Homework 23.02.18

CGP books:  SPaG pages 46 and 47 (commas after introductions).

Above homework due on Thursday 1st March.

Spellings: receive, deceive, ceiling, receipt, conceit, seize, protein, variety, vegetable, vehicle (spelling test Friday 2nd March).

Reading at home: please listen and sign reading records 3 times a week (checked on Friday).

Times-tables: Times Tables Rock Stars!

Home-school challenge: Invention convention – can you invent something new?
You could draw and label your design with a small model to bring to our Invention Convention on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd March.

Please also encourage your children to ‘Wonder’ and send in any of their questions!

Optional school homework club in school: Wednesday 12pm

Welton Wonders…

A great start to our term today – I’m very excited about what else we will learn/do over the next 5 weeks!

Today, I challenged the children to build a tower as tall as possible, whilst holding the weight of a golf ball. We talked about strong structures in engineering and looked at the tallest buildings in the world… We then planned, built and reviewed our own structures – lots of lessons learnt as the children realised that even professionals in these areas have trials like these (where it may not always go to plan).

Please find below the spelling sheet for this term (will be handed out on Friday) and our curriculum map which details a little more about what we’re doing this term… You will notice that a lot of our STEM challenges and content will be inspired by our Science unit on Forces.

Hawk Class Spellings Spring 2

Welton Wonders topic web

Cooking couscous!

After discussing balanced diets and what astronauts eat in space, the children made vegetable couscous today! They prepared the couscous, cut and chopped the vegetables before roasting and then enjoyed eating it…

I was amazed with the children’s knife skills and their general health and safety. They also ALL tried EVERYTHING and nearly all of them loved it!


Homework 09.02.18

As its the end of the half term, I am not setting punctuation and grammar homework. The children have been given information about the Invention Convention home-school challenge and some slips to ‘wonder’ for our STEM topic (see attachments below). If you have time, I thought it was a good opportunity to start on those!

However, I would like them to read LOTS (at least 6 times for next Reading Diary check – Friday 23rd February) and please try to hear them as it helps develop their comprehension.

Also, for times tables, please encourage the children to practise using Times Table Rock Stars.

Spellings to be tested on Friday 23rd February are:

intelligence, independence, difference, absence, competence, evidence, rhyme, rhythm, sacrifice, secretary, shoulder.

Optional homework club: Wednesday 21st February.

Invention Convention challenge

Welton Wonders Sheet


Homework 02.02.18

CGP books:  SPaG pages 44 and 45 (commas after subordinate clauses).

Above homework due on Thursday 8th February.

Spellings: patience, silence, violence, obedience, innocence, confidence,
queue, recognise, recommend, relevant, restaurant (spelling test Friday 9th February).

Reading at home: please listen and sign reading records 3 times a week (checked on Friday).

Times-tables: Times Tables Rock Stars!

Optional school homework club in school: Wednesday 12pm